By Jason Croxford

, I’m always researching new ways I can keep cells happy and healthy. This is why Vitality Stack has become a staple in my personal life.

A surgical pathologist’s take on Vitality Stack.

As a surgical pathologist and breast pathology expert, I’m always researching new ways I can keep cells happy and healthy. This is why Vitality Stack has become a staple in my personal life. It’s the best answer I’ve found to dialing up cellular health.* I’ll explain why. 

Clean cells are happy cells. And happy cells are healthy cells. By starting with NRF2, Vitality Stack comes with a major component that’s proven to reduce oxidative stress or free radical damage. In other words, it helps clean cellular garbage by turning on our cells’ “vacuum cleaners.”*

But the cellular benefits don’t stop there. NRF1 activates our mitochondrial genesis to help support mitochondrial production in our cells. Why is this so crucial? Great question. Mitochondria serve a critical role in overall cellular health by acting as both the powerhouses and policemen of the cell — controlling our DNA, providing us with ATP — AKA cellular energy juice — and promoting the development of healthy cells. The result: our cells have more energy, control, and vitality.* 

The cellular membrane — the envelope that keeps each cell together — is so important for overall cellular health, and it hinges on essential fatty acids like EPA and DHA. DHA doesn’t just support structural membrane. It’s also a vital contributor to crucial neurochemical processes, gene expression, synaptic plasticity, and memory generation. The beauty of fatty acids like DHA and EPA in Vitality Stack is that they’re sourced purely from cold Norwegian waters and enforced with Omega 7 and Vitamin D. By giving our bodies high-quality fatty acids, we’re enabling proper cellular fluidity, flexibility, and communications as neurons send messages to each other.* 

Probiotics are the last component in Vitality Stack, but certainly not the least important. Why? “Interactions between the microbiome and the intestinal barrier, particularly the contribution of the microbiome in maintaining barrier homeostasis, could be central in accounting for its maintaining a normal and healthy immune response.”*

Probio supports the growth of healthy gut bacteria. It also boosts and re-activates our microgut probiotics. And because it contains Bio-Track technology, it comes with a 60% efficiency penetrating through our stomach acid into the colon. And in case that wasn’t enough, WELLMUNE also promotes a healthy immune system. Far too often we overlook the gut when it comes to cellular health, but we shouldn’t. It’s extremely important.* 

When we combine Vitality Stack with a healthy diet and exercise, it’s a powerful supplement that delivers multiple benefits on a cellular level. It cleans our cells. It increases critical mitochondrial production. It maintains cellular integrity and cellular communication. And it provides the microgut health that our digestive systems need to flourish. They call cells the building blocks of life for a reason, and by helping them stay happier and healthier, Vitality Stack helps me build a foundation for a healthier life. does it all by working together to help build the foundation for a healthy life — and that all starts with our cells.*

The contents in this article were developed by surgical pathologist, Dr. Svetlana Silverman, MD FRCPC, Canada.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.