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Official Office Disney Connoisseur

Marshall Madsen


Marshall was once on speaking terms and good friends with Hans and Kristoff in California Adventure, as well as a Youth Educator in EPCOT, and Pizza Provider at Pizzafari in Animal Kingdom (the college program isn’t as glam as you think it is kids), but is still an active Annual Premiere Pass holder (or was… #thanks2020).

Marshall comes from many years of Off-Broadway and Regional Theater premieres, sketch TV-Show writing, touring as a magician, writing shows for Academy Award Winners, teaching Musical Theater and English in Public Education, eating at 3 Michelin Star Restaurants, traveling with little to no money in his bank account, and a small stint in Toronto miles from society where he did nothing but drink coffee and brood over the futility of humanity (only to return to it).

Currently writing things that you’re currently reading, currently creating the things you’re currently seeing.

“Find what makes you weird and capitalize off of it”
~ Steve Martin

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