Congratulations to you for activating your wellness with LifeVantage! We’re excited to share more about the Rewards Circle program with you as you Subscribe. Save. Get Rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LifeVantage Rewards Circle?Rewards Circle is a program designed to reward loyal Customers who maintain an active Subscription.
How do I become a member of Rewards Circle?It’s easy! You are automatically enroled into the program by setting up a Subscription.
Are Consultants eligible for the Rewards Circle program?You can earn through this loyalty program only as a Customer. Consultants receive earnings through the Evolve Compensation Plan.
What does it mean to have an active Subscription?An active Subscription is defined as having your Subscription order set up and ready to ship on an upcoming date. 
How do I earn Rewards Credits?For every $360NZD cumulatively spent on Subscriptions orders, you earn a $15NZD Reward Credit to be used on a future order. Once you reach Insider status, you will earn a $30NZD Reward Credit for every increment of $360NZD you place in Subscription orders. 
Do I have to spend $360NZD  in a single Subscription order to earn Reward Credits?No. All Subscription order totals contribute toward your credit accumulation regardless of individual order size. 
What is “Subscription Spend”? Subscription spend tracking starts once you place a Subscription order. Your Subscription orders are additive, meaning they keep accumulating every time a Subscription ships in succession. Subscription spend is based on the pre-tax order value of your Subscription order. 
Do Reward Credits accumulate on Subscription orders only? Yes, credits only accumulate on your active Subscription orders. You can add one-time products to your Subscription order to get the discounted Subscription price and earn toward Reward Credits on those items as well. 
How can I see my available Reward Credits? Log in to your account to see the available Reward Credits in your Wellness Wallet. The Wellness Wallet is found under the Credits link in your account menu on the LifeVantage website. 
Is there a limit to the amount of Reward Credits I can earn? There is no limit to the number of credits you can earn. So, be sure to keep that Subscription going. 
What if I postpone my Subscription order to a future month or change the frequency in which my Subscription order ships, will I still qualify to earn Reward Credits? Yes. As long as you have an active Subscription order, regardless of whether it’s postponed or the frequency in which your order ships (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly), you can still earn credits and your accumulation will not reset. 
What is Insider status and how do I earn it? Insider status is attained when your cumulative spend reaches $1,800NZD on consecutive/ongoing Subscription orders (i.e., after your fourth $15NZD Reward Credit is earned). As an Insider, you earn double Reward Credits with every $360NZD spent on Subscription orders for as long as you have an active Subscription.
What are the criteria to redeem my Reward Credits? Below are the criteria to redeem your credits. 
1) Redeem on either your Subscription order or one-time order. 
2) Your order must have a minimum order value of $175NZD. 
3) Redeem $15NZD in Reward Credits for every $175NZD spent on a single order (e.g., spend $350NZD to redeem $30NZD, spend $525NZD to redeem $45NZD). 
How will Reward Credits be applied to my order? For Subscription orders, you will be able to choose if you want to apply Reward Credits when your Subscription processes. If you choose to apply Reward Credits to your order, the maximum Reward Credits available will be applied in increments of $15NZD. You will also be able to choose whether you want to apply Reward Credits to one-time orders during checkout. 
Do my Reward Credits apply to taxes and shipping? Reward Credits do not apply to taxes and shipping. 
Do the same shipping thresholds apply to my orders when I use Reward Credits? Yes, the same shipping thresholds apply when you use Reward Credits. 
Do Reward Credits expire?Your credits expire 180 days from the date they were earned. In the event that you cancel all of your Subscriptions, the expiration of all credits will change to the last day of the next month or their current expiration date, whichever is less. 
How will I know when my Reward Credits expire? Your Wellness Wallet will show the expiration dates for your credits. Log in to your account and go to the Credits link in the menu to find your Wellness Wallet. 
What happens to my existing credits if I cancel my Subscription? Immediately after your last Subscription is cancelled, the expiration date of your Reward Credits will change to the last day of the next month or will remain at their current expiration date, whichever is first. Upon the last day of the month following the month of cancellation, your Subscription spend will reset to $0. However, if you set up a new Subscription before the last day of the month after you cancelled, your Subscription spend will not reset. 
If my order puts me over $1,800NZD in cumulative Subscription spend, will I earn double credits on that order, or will the double credit reward start with my next Subscription? The $30NZD Reward Credit will be available to use on your next order. Credits are available based on your status at the time the order is placed. 
How will I receive my free Anniversary Reward? The Anniversary Reward will be sent automatically with the first Subscription order of $175NZD or more that you place during the anniversary month of your first order, regardless of your first order type. 
Will I receive a full-size product or a sample-size product for my Anniversary Reward? LifeVantage will choose a full-size product for your anniversary gift. 
If I haven’t had an active Subscription but start one in my anniversary month, will I still get an Anniversary Reward? Yes. As long as a Subscription order ships with a minimum order value of $175NZD during your anniversary month, you will receive a free full-size product in that order. 
What will my Rewards Circle status be when program updates go into effect 1 June 2023?  Customers who had an active Subscription as of 28 February 2023, will retain their automatically granted Insider status. All other Customers who started Subscription orders on or after 1 March 2023, will enter Rewards Circle as Members and gain Insider status when their total Subscription spend meets the qualifying threshold.  
What happens to my status and points if I upgrade from a Customer to a Consultant? If you upgrade from a Customer with an active Subscription to an Independent LifeVantage Consultant, your accumulated Subscription spend will immediately stop and will reset to $0. You will no longer be eligible to participate in Rewards Circle. However, any existing credits will be available to use until their expiration date. 
What if I have additional questions regarding Rewards Circle? If you any questions about Rewards Circle, feel free contact our Customer Service team online or by calling Customer Service at 0800-424-302.

For more information, visit the Rewards Circle Program page here.