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  • Yes, if you purchase the Vitality Stack (packets/bottles), Activated Essentials, or the Ultimate Stack, you will receive free shipping. If you add additional products to your order when ordering these stacks, your entire order will ship for free.

  • Yes, the Vitality Stack Packets are BPA free.

  • Probiotic literally means ‘for life’. Probiotics are the healthy bacteria you need to help balance gut microflora, support your immune system, and improve digestion.

  • Wellmune® is an ingredient clinically proven to naturally support immune response and protect against physical and lifestyle stress. This healthy yeast beta glucan supports year-round energy and health. It boosts your immune system without overstimulating it — ensuring you don’t add unnecessary stress to your system.

  • Yes. ProBio is 100% free of gluten and wheat.

  • This patented, controlled-release technology delivers naturally derived probiotics deep into your gastrointestinal tract. It releases healthy bacteria over a 10-12 hour period while ProBio makes the journey through your digestive tract. This ensures that your probiotics get to your small and large intestine — where they’re needed most.

  • No. ProBio is formulated for adult use only.


  • Less than 1% of test groups report any side effects. Of those that report side effects, it’s usually limited to excess gas. This problem is remedied when the user discontinues use for a few weeks and then resumes taking probiotics at a smaller dose.


  • No, Probio does not contain Nrf2 ingredients.

  • Yes, ProBio is dairy-free.

  • Please consult your physician before using any supplement products while you’re pregnant or nursing.

  • Refrigeration is not needed. ProBio is stable and effective for up to 18 months at room temperature when sealed in the original package.

  • This is an industry term that stands for “colony-forming units” and measures the number of healthy live bacteria present in a product.

  • Prebiotics are food for the probiotic and helps keep the probiotics alive and thriving in your gut. The relationship between the prebiotic and probiotic is to promote a healthy gut environment. The healthy balance of bacteria helps your body absorb nutrients you need from all other supplements and food you eat to help your body perform and feel good.

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