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Bag of PhysIQ Protein

PhysIQ Whey Protein Support


  • PhysIQ Protein contains 18g of protein per serving.

  • No Casein has been added to PhysIQ Protein.

  • Please consult your physician before using any PhysIQ Protein if you’re pregnant or nursing.

  • No it does not contain Nrf2 ingredients.

  • No, it does not contain soy.

  • The flavor of PhysIQ Protein is vanilla.

  • No, PhysIQ Protein Shake is NOT a meal replacement. It’s a quick and convenient source of high-quality protein to take as part of a balanced daily diet.

  • Quickly digested, whey protein satisfies hunger right away and triggers an immediate increase in amino acids — stimulating protein synthesis and enabling significant muscle growth.

  • This product should be stored at room temperature in a cool, dark place.

  • Yes, you can use other LifeVantage nutritional products with PhysIQ Protein.

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