Set up a Subscription just once to receive your favorite biohacking goods on the same day every month.

Setting up Subscriptions for your favorite LifeVantage products not only saves you money every single month on every single product, it also ensures you don’t have to worry about running out of product or remembering to go online to reorder. It saves you the time of making simple, repetitive purchases. Set up a Subscription just once and your favorite biohacking goods will show up on your doorstep on the same day every month, like clockwork.

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How do I create a subscription?

1. Navigate to the Shop page.

LifeVantage home page with Shop link outlined

2. Add a product to your Cart. You can add products two different ways:

Option 1 – Quick Add to Cart Feature: Click Add to Cart under any product on the Shop page. This will bring up the Your Cart module. Click the x on the top right of the module if you’d like to go back to the Shop page and add additional products. When you’re ready to to check out, click the Cart icon to bring up the Your Cart module again.

LifeVantage Shop page with Quick Add to Cart function highlighted

In the Your Cart module you can adjust the quantity of your purchase and choose between a One-Time Order or Monthly Subscription. Click Monthly Subscription and then click Check Out.

Your Cart module with Monthly Subscription and Check out buttons highlighted

Option 2 – Product Detail Page: Navigate to a product page, click the Monthly Subscription option, and then click Add to Cart to bring up the same Your Cart module and click Check Out when you are ready to proceed.

Ultimate Stack product page with Monthly Subscription and Add to Cart buttons highlighted

3. In the Checkout screen, the Monthly Subscription pricing option will be selected for you. If this is your first purchase with LifeVantage, proceed with filling in all the required account creation fields. If you already have a LifeVantage account, click Log In.

Checkout page with Log in and Monthly Subscription buttons highlighted

4. Designate your desired Monthly Shipping Date in the Monthly Shipping Information section. Subscriptions are sent out on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, or 25th day of every month. Every month, your Subscription order will be shipped on your chosen date.

Checkout screen with Monthly Shipping Date section highlighted

5. When you’re ready to fill out your Payment info and complete the checkout process, simply click Continue. Upon completion, you’ll automatically receive a confirmation email, as well as another email when your order has shipped. Your first order will ship out immediately and your subsequent orders will be shipped on the designated Monthly Shipping Date. Congrats, you’ve successfully created a Subscription!


How do I create multiple subscriptions?

To create another subscription, simply follow the same steps above.

Change your mind? To make any changes to your Subscriptions, you must first:

  1. Login to your EVO/Back Office account.
  2. Navigate to the Shopping Tab and click Subscription Orders.

How do I add/remove items?

  1. When you reach the Manage Subscriptions page, click on Change next to the Subscription you want to add/remove items.
  2. To add an item, use the Quick Add to Cart search box to type in the product you want added. If you would rather browse through all the available products, click on Continue Shopping and then click Add to Cart.
  3. To remove an item, simply click the red X on the line item.
  4. When you are done adding/removing items, click Save Changes to update your Subscription. As long as you have updated your order at least 48 hours in advance of your usual Ship Date, you will receive your updated order on the next Subscription run.

Can I postpone my Subscription to a later month? (Skip a month)

To skip a month of your Subscription, click edit next to your Ship Date. This will pop up a calendar. It will show the current month as well as the next month. If your ship date is August 25th, simply change the date to September 25th to skip your shipment for the month of August. After selecting your new date, click Submit and then click Save Changes.

How do I change the date of the Subscription run?

Follow the same steps as above. Click edit next to your Ship date. This will pop up a calendar where you can select a new date and then click Submit. Then, click Save Changes.

How do I update my address?

Click edit next to your current shipping address. This will pop up a window where you can edit your current shipping address, remove an address, or add a new address. After making updates, click Save Changes.

How do I update/change the credit card I have on profile?

Click edit next to your current payment method. This will pop up a window where you can edit your current credit card information, remove a credit card, or add a new payment method. After making updates, click Save Changes.

Can I make it so my Subscription ships out every 2 or 3 months instead of every month?

Yes! Please give Support a call at 1-866-460-7241 to make this change for you.

Why can’t I delete all items off my Subscription?

You can’t have a Subscription without at least one active product.


How do I cancel a Subscription?

Please contact Support to cancel a Subscription:

  • Phone: 866-460-7241
  • Email:
  • Live Chat

Support Hours: (Monday – Friday) 7am – 6pm MST

Can I just remove my credit card as a way to cancel my Subscription?

Unfortunately, no. Please give Support a call at 1-866-460-7241 and they can cancel your Subscription.