Today, we’re joining AmazonSmile, making it easier than ever to donate to LifeVantage Legacy.

LifeVantage began with a simple discovery in the lab. One that scientifically and undeniably proved that humankind had more potential within their DNA than we had been led to believe. From that moment, we could no longer view one another, or anyone around us the same way.

This new knowledge has permeated everything we do at LifeVantage. From the beginning, community outreach and humanitarian efforts have been an absolute must for the company.

These efforts have grown into what we now call “LifeVantage Legacy”. LifeVantage Legacy was founded on a simple idea: to give future generations the support and resources they need to live happier, healthier lives. Over the past several years this has taken the shape of building homes for needy families in Mexico, providing life-saving surgeries to children in Thailand, or even just simple neighborhood cleanup events. We are constantly looking out for opportunities to help children in need or launch initiatives that lift entire communities.

And ever since it began, LifeVantage Legacy has seen an outpouring of love and donations. We have raised $2.7 million. Over 200 volunteers have rolled up their sleeves each year on our annual humanitarian trips. And because of those efforts, nearly 100 children have had life saving surgeries, another 100 now have a roof over their heads, and countless communities have been blessed. LifeVantage Legacy has also created 50 jobs in Mexico and fed thousands of people. We’re steadily fulfilling our mission of leaving a lasting legacy, and our work has become an amazing source of pride for LifeVantage and our distributors.

At our recent Elite Academy Event in Kansas City, something special was happening quietly behind the scenes. Amidst the cheering crowds and speakers, distributors were donating. When the dust settled at the end of three days, we had raised over $30,000.00 for LifeVantage Legacy.

As the momentum behind LifeVantage Legacy continues to grow, so does the organization. One of the requests we receive most often is “how can we make it easier to participate or donate?” Well, today, we’re joining AmazonSmile, making it easier than ever to donate to LifeVantage Legacy.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Supporting under the search bar
  3. Search for LifeVantage Legacy and click Select

That’s it. Now whenever you buy a qualifying product from Amazon, a portion of the purchase price will be donated to LifeVantage Legacy. No fine print, no cost, no catches. You just shop on Amazon like you normally would, and LifeVantage Legacy – and all it stands for – benefits.

It’s a small decision that only takes a few seconds. But it can have a big impact on someone’s life. To get started, visit