By Colleen Vaughan

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One morning a few weeks after our honeymoon, my husband got in the shower and let out a scream. Something about “a mouse in the shower”. I rolled up a magazine (like that was going to do anything) and went into the bathroom. There he was, holding the “mouse”– a gigantic hairball that is basically the shower staple of all women everywhere. I laughed at him for about an hour and then I started to wonder “why is there so much hair in the drain? Is this really normal?”.

That’s where my haircare journey began.

I took stock of the bathroom. My hair was literally everywhere: stuck in my brush, clogging up the shower drain, lying in loose strands around the bathroom sink. So, I started asking all my friends about their experience. It was the same everywhere. My friend Nat summed it up best saying simply, “this is what hair does.” But I wasn’t satisfied with that answer.

I started digging around online. I read a few papers, spoke with a couple of experts, and learned that all that hair in my brush and around the drains isn’t supposed to happen. We’re not supposed to be constantly shedding our hair like a snake sheds its skin.
A. That’s a gross metaphor – I’m sorry.
B. The fact that we’re walking around shedding our hair should be more concerning (and also gross).

It turns out shedding and frizz have a lot in common. Each individual strand of hair comes with a cuticle layer. That cuticle layer wants to be closed – when it is, the hair strand retains its moisture and stays strong. When it’s open, moisture and good oils escape, and the strand becomes brittle and breaks. Leading to the “Shower Mouse”.

AND HERE’S THE REAL KICKER: Some hair products on the market contain harsh chemicals that can RIP OPEN the cuticle layer. In other words, they sacrifice moisture and hair strength to harsh chemicals designed to “clean” our hair (pro tip: if you want to know how harsh your hair products are, a good rule of thumb is the more lather = the harsher the chemicals). That rich, satisfying lather isn’t so good for hair because it’s stripping it of everything it needs to stay fuller, shinier, and stronger.

But what are we supposed to do? Just shrug our shoulders and accept that cleaning our hair is just a necessary evil? I wasn’t ready to wave the white flag. Not yet, anyway. So I set out to find a product that actually cleaned my hair without damaging it. My early returns weren’t promising. Turns out that is basically the holy grail of hair care – I found plenty of products that cleaned, but some also damaged my hair. I found others that didn’t use harsh chemicals, but smelled like hemp and made me look like I had just returned from a week at Burning Man. It was either one or the other.

Around this time I began working at LifeVantage. The company had an uncompromising approach to science and personal life that I found refreshing (but more on that later). They were working on a new haircare line to solve the clean formula vs clean hair dilemma. After years of development, they had found what looked to be the holy grail, but hired a top dermatologic research center to conduct a study on real people (like me) to see if this thing actually did what they thought it did.

Spoiler alert: it did.


The study took 50 women ages 35-65 and examine both the structure and appearance of their hair. And I think this is fairly important to mention because one of the key components to a great hair care product is that it’s going to leave your hair looking healthier as well as fuller and shinier.

The first day the subjects came in after using their typical hair products and had their hair tested by the lab. For a litany of things including tensile strength, follicle damage, volume, etc. Over the next week, all of the subjects used the new TrueScience Hair Care System–consisting of three different products that work together: a scalp serum, shampoo, and a conditioner.

Each day they were tested again and after 8 days, our TrueScience Hair Care results were released:

  • The participants had 58% less hair breakage. That’s 58% less “Shower Mouse” and 58% less hair in your brush.
  • 44% increase in hair shine. This was glaringly (no pun intended) evident from first glance in the mirror, and it showed up widely across the study.
  • 39% increase in hair volume. The participants hair was much fuller and thicker looking.
  • 51% reduction in scalp dryness. Something the participants personally noticed immediately.
  • 39% reduction in damaged hair structure. It used to take my hair a day or two to get into shape after I cleaned it. With TrueScience Hair Care, I noticed almost immediately that I wasn’t getting nearly the amount of frizz I did before. Again, this showed up in picture after picture during the study.

So if you happen to be on a journey like I was, to find the holy grail of hair care, I couldn’t suggest this product more. I know, I know… I work here. So don’t take my word for it, conduct an 8 day study on yourself, and say goodbye to the “Shower Mouse”.