JANUARY 26, 2023

Following the closure of the showroom, we are happy to announce that we have continued to work to make our shipping rates as competitive as possible. As a reminder, recurring Subscription orders and one-time orders will now ship directly to the delivery address of your choice. 

Beginning 31 January (MST), the flat-rate shipping charge will be reduced from S$12 to S$8 per order.  In addition, free shipping will be provided on all Subscription orders over S$250. 

Thank you for continuing to keep the Singapore market strong and growing.  

Customer service inquiries are available via hotline at 800-852-8089 or emailing sgsupport@lifevantage com. 

DECEMBER 19, 2022

We’d like to thank you for continuing to trust your health to LifeVantage. We are proud to offer people around the world a better path to wellness and a healthy, vibrant life with products that activate your body to help you look and feel better. We believe that when you’re empowered with true wellness, you can change, grow, and transform.  

As our world has transformed around us in the past several years, LifeVantage, like many other companies, has seen dramatic changes in the way that people interact, shop and do business together. COVID-19 drastically changed the in-person landscape of our day-to-day lives and those changes continue to be felt today. 

We have worked diligently to improve the internal operations and efficiencies of our showroom in Great World City in Singapore but have made the decision to close the showroom on 30 December 2022 at SGT 6 pm.

The showroom location is:

LifeVantage Singapore PTE LTD
1 Kim Seng Promenade #15-01 Great World City Singapore 237994   

This change in operations means that recurring and one-time orders will now ship to the delivery address of your choice through our third-party shipping warehouse beginning 3 January 2023. A flat-rate shipping fee of S$12 per order will be charged.

The final day for pick up orders, including subscription orders from 25 December, at the showroom will be 30 December 2022 at SGT 6 pm.  Orders not collected by 30 December will be cancelled on the next working day, 3 January 2023, instead of being shipped out. 

Rest assured, the Singapore market is strong and growing and LifeVantage will continue to operate as normal.
This decision was made in order to provide value and savings to our Distributors and Customers by reducing operating costs and increasing efficiency.  

Customer service inquiries can be made by calling 1-800-852-8089 or emailing sgsupport@lifevantage com.