The Friends and Family Discount is a way for you to share the product you love, and get a discount at the same time.

Want NZ$15 off? Of course you do – which is why every time you share the product you know and love with friends and family, not only do they get NZ$15 off, but so do you. Share NZ$15, get NZ$15.

The Customer Friends and Family Discount is a way for you to share the product you love, and get a discount at the same time – just by texting a link (or if you’re like Gary in accounting, email works too).

Share NZ$15 – Get NZ$15

The program is simple. Share your unique link to give your friends and family a NZ$15 discount off their first purchase (approx. tax inclusive value NZ$16.50), and receive a NZ$15 credit when they place their first order (credits may be used in whole dollar increments – rounded up to the next whole dollar).

There’s no limit to the number of times you can share your link, so potentially, no limit to the credits you can receive. Your credits are auto-applied to your next purchase (one-time orders or subscriptions) and are good through the last day of the month following the purchase (ex. If you share your link with Jill and Jill makes her first purchase from your link on August 2, your credit will automatically be applied and be valid through September 30).

Don’t worry if someone doesn’t act right away – share links don’t expire!

There’s no reason not to act immediately! The more you share, the more you get back. Give love, get love – and with the support LifeVantage has, there’s pleeeeenty of love to ship worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Customers get a reminder email letting them know when their credits are expiring? If so, when?

A: Yes! They will get an email 4-5 days before their credits expire.

Q: If a customer has credits that are expiring at two different times, will they see both expiration dates on their account?

A: Customers will see the total credits available, and the number of credits expiring in the current month.

Q: Is the unique referral code always the Customer’s LifeVantage Customer ID +

A: Yes.

Q: Can Customers use credits to purchase upgrade packs, and upgrade from a Customer to a Distributor?

A: No.

Q: Does the entire credit amount need to be used on a single order? Or can it be spread among multiple orders?

A: It may be spread across multiple orders. You cannot, however, choose where the credits go or when they will be applied. Credits will be automatically applied to your immediate next order, any remaining credits will be applied to, again, any subsequent orders.

Q: Why did I use more credits than the amount of my order? (Example: Order total was $51.47 and $52 of credits were used.)

A: Credits may only be used in whole increments (you can’t use .47 of a credit, etc). Credits are rounded up to cover your purchase. Each credit is worth the local item tax rate (+1).