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Protandim NAD Bottle
Protandim NAD Bottle
Protandim NAD Bottle
Protandim NAD Bottle
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Protandim® NAD Synergizer

Protandim® NAD Synergizer was specifically formulated to support NAD, and has been shown to support healthy sirtuin activity in 24 hours. Supporting health, focus, energy, mental clarity, and mood.

Always read the label. Use as directed. If symptoms persist seek the advice of your health practitioner.

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Beyond NAD

Recently, scientists have been sharing the immense importance of proteins called sirtuins. Studies are showing sirtuin activity comes with a cascade of health supporting benefits. Including supporting a healthy vascular system, normal cholesterol levels already in the healthy range, supporting joint health, mental focus, balanced mood, motivation, energy, and much more. However sirtuin activity declines as we age (≃60%).

Researchers have discovered that sirtuin activity can be maintained through drastic caloric restriction (reducing calories by 40-60%). Obviously this drastic approach runs the risk of nutrient deficiency and is not recommended without medical supervision.

So, with the knowledge that sirtuin activation requires the molecule NAD, we went to work. Protandim® NAD Synergizer was specifically formulated to support NAD, and has been shown to support healthy sirtuin activity in 24 hours, supporting health, focus, energy, mental clarity, and mood.


  • Supports health as we age
  • Supports autophagy (removal of cellular waste)
  • Supports mental clarity and focus
  • Supports positive mood and motivation
  • Supports mental and physical energy
  • Supports normal cholesterol levels already in a healthy range
  • Supports healthy vascular system

Cell signaling pathways are essential for your survival and your health - both short- and long-term.

When you are young, these cell signaling pathways work well, respond quickly, and allow you to robustly adapt to whatever your environment throws at you. However, as we age, these cell signaling pathways begin to stop working as efficiently and ultimately the adaptive response slows.

Sirtuin natural decline
NAD increase in sirtuin activity


  • Wasabi, or Japanese horseradish, is a cruciferous vegetable that grows naturally in shady and humid climates around the world. Extracts from the wasabi root (rhizome) are rich in isothiocyanates. Isothiocyanates have been shown to be important for many different types of genetics and metabolic processes.

  • As the name suggests, olive leaf extract is derived from the leaves of the olive tree. Extracts from olive leaf contain many healthy compounds, most notably hydroxytyrosol. Hydroxytyrosol is a phenolic phytonutrient shown to have many health supporting activities such as supporting a healthy lipid profile (towards maintaining a healthy cholesterol level already within a normal range), and a healthy gut. It additionally supports normal gene expression, autophagy (or cellular cleanup), and antioxidant activity.

  • Cuprous niacin is the complex between the vitamin niacin (vitamin B3) and the mineral copper but in its reduced or activated form. Copper is an essential cofactor for many physiological pathways including iron metabolism, nerve function, and energy production. Niacin is an important precursor for NAD synthesis. NAD is important to support energy production in the cell but also an essential cosubstrate for the family of enzymes known as sirtuins.

  • Theacrine (1,3,7,9-tetramethyluric acid) is the predominant purine found in the tea Camellia kucha. It is structurally similar to caffeine. Theacrine’s multi-faceted properties come from the reactions between two neural pathways: dopaminergic and adenosinergic pathways. By supporting these major pathways, theacrine increases energy without irritability or habituation and supports physical and mental performance.

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Other Ingredients

100% vegetarian, free of gluten, wheat, dairy, gelatin, and yeast.



Always read the label and use as directed. Vitamins are supplementary to a balanced diet.


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