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Jar of Refining Mask
Jar of Refining Mask
Jar of Refining Mask
Jar of Refining Mask
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TrueScience® Refining Mask

Our most popular beauty product is back! The mask everyone wants to wear, just in time for the holidays!

Look as radiant as the fire you’re roasting chestnuts over this holiday season. TrueScience Refining Mask’s clean, cutting-edge formula uses Kaolin Clay, Charcoal, and Nrf2 technologies to cleanse even the most stubborn dirt and pore-clogging oil while the Dead Sea Mud and Jojoba beads loosen dead skin cells to exfoliate and sweep them away, restoring a healthy radiance to your skin.

1.7 fl. oz (50ml)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try our products risk-free. You can return your order within 30 days of purchase for any reason.

No-Hassle Subscriptions

You can skip a month or cancel your subscription online at any time, so you can choose our best pricing with confidence.


  • Gently exfoliates dead cell build-up
  • Cleanses skin of dirt and surface impurities
  • Moisturizes and refreshes tired-looking skin
  • Absorbs excess oil without drying out skin
  • Formulated with Nrf2 technologies to help make the skin appear brighter, softer, and clearer
  • Supports faster skin cell turnover for fresher-looking skin
  • Reduces the appearance of congested looking pores


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