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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Restart Your Digestive System


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Why a cleanse is important to weight management and how PhysIQ cleanse is the right choice to get started.

Start Managing Your Weight The Smart Way

Do you want to realize your weight loss and health goals this year? Hit restart on your digestive system with a safe and gentle cleanse — the smart way to start any weight management program.

Your body naturally cleanses toxins, which support healthy digestion and metabolism, but your diet and environment overwhelm your system. When your body is stuck in overwhelm mode, it can’t maintain the healthy balance that helps you manage your weight.

The first step to burning stubborn fat and getting healthier is helping your system kick out toxins and get back in balance with a cleanse.

Getting Rid of the Toxins

When your digestive system is overloaded with toxins, it leaves you feeling weighed down and sluggish. These lingering toxins can aggravate leaky gut syndrome and prevent your body from absorbing nutrients properly.

The right cleanse helps stimulate healthy digestion and wakes up your body’s innate cleansing power — removing harmful toxins and helping you absorb nutrients properly again.

There are lots of options out there — juice cleanses, harsh lemonade and cayenne pepper cleanses — but a cleanse doesn’t need to be harsh or restrictive.

30 Day Smart Restart

Learn More About PhysIQ Cleanse

Don’t Starve Yourself

You can still eat while you’re on a cleanse. In fact, we recommend it!

Any successful cleanse does require changing your diet, but it doesn’t have to be extreme. Drink more water, eat leafy greens, and avoid alcohol, processed foods and sugar, diet soda, and high sodium foods. You can do that for a week.

Supplement your diet with protein powder, lean meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. With these changes to your diet and the help of a natural, clinically proven cleanse solution, you’ll help your system clean itself and get moving again.

Cleanse the Smart Way — PhysIQblog-Cleanse-bottle

PhysIQ Cleanse is a safe and gentle way to cleanse your digestive system. It uses natural ingredients to stimulate healthy digestion and wake up your body’s innate cleansing power.

In combination with the rest of our PhysIQ product line, kick off your weight loss program with our 30 Day Smart Restart and Cleanse to start managing your weight the smart way.

Are you ready to take action?

Click below to purchase PhysIQ Cleanse.

PhysIQ Cleanse
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