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Monday, July 6, 2015

8 Hot Summer Health Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore


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You’re probably already planning great vacations, family activities, and summer barbecues. As you’re making plans for the season, don’t forget to plan to be as healthy as possible.

To help you out, here are 8 quick health tips you might consider trying this summer:

1. Drink plenty of water

If you only do one thing on this entire list, please, please drink enough water this summer. Many live by the 8×8 rule (drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water every day), but in 90 degree weather, it’s possible you’ll need more water than that to stay hydrated. Listen to your body and try to drink continuously throughout the day instead of slamming down two tumblers of water in the evening.

2. Stay cool

Along with hydration, try not to expose yourself to too much heat this summer. Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothes that will allow your sweat to evaporate. When going on long hikes or just walks, seek out shade and always bring a water bottle. If you ever start feeling nauseated or dizzy, go inside an air-conditioned building so you can sit down and hydrate.

3. Protect yourself from the sun

UV rays are at their fiercest during the summer, so be sure to protect yourself. Wear a hat and sunglasses outside, and try to seek out shade when you’re outdoors for an extended period. Sunscreen is your friend. Pick up something that’s at least SPF 30, and remember that sunscreen needs to be reapplied at least every two hours.

4. Keep an eye on your food

Did you know summer is the easiest time of year to get food poisoning? Make sure you and your family take some preventative measures to stay healthy and keep your food fresh: cook your raw meat thoroughly at your barbecues, refrigerate leftovers as soon as possible, and never leave out perishable food for longer than two hours. When in doubt, throw it out.

5. Swim safely

Whether you prefer the ocean, mountain lakes, or your local wave pool, please remember to swim smart this summer. Never swim alone, and always keep an eye on your kids. Taking some swimming lessons might not be such a bad idea, or signing up for a free CPR class with your local Red Cross branch.

6. Remember to get enough sleep

When the kids are out of school and you have so many extra hours of daylight, it can be easy to throw your normal sleeping routine out the window. Don’t give in to temptation! Make an effort to get more than seven hours of sleep consistently and especially pre-midnight sleep. Not getting any sleep before midnight can wreak havoc on your health.

7. Get active outdoors

Studies show that spending time in nature is great for your health, so why not get in some exercise outside? Go on a hike or an outdoor bike ride. Swim in natural bodies of water. Go for an evening walk to a good stargazing spot. Just try to get out of the house to enjoy some beautiful weather.

8. Consider taking a good nutritional supplement

Along with good sleep, a balanced diet, and regular exercise, taking a health supplement can do a lot for your well-being this summer. The quality of the supplement matters, though. A great example is Protandim Nrf2 from LifeVantage, which is the only supplement proven in a clinical study to reduce oxidative stress by activating your Nrf2 pathway. Protandim is a great way to fight off free radicals in your body and allow all your systems to function at an optimal level each and every day.

Summer is a great time of year, but don’t forget about your health just because it’s warm outside: by following the above eight suggestions, you can keep your health in top condition so you’re prepared to meet fall and winter.

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