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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

7 Simple Ways To Reset Your System


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So how do you make that jump from unhealthy to healthy? Try rewiring your taste buds and your brain with new healthy habits is hands down the best way to start.

Here are seven simple suggestions on how to do just that:

1. Carve out time to get good sleep

Getting at least seven hours of sleep each night—especially pre-midnight sleep—is the foundation of a healthy life. It’s while you sleep that your muscles, your tissues, and especially your brain matter rejuvenates itself for another day, so do what you must to make time for sleep. It will give you the mental clarity to make healthy choices throughout your day.

2. Make your mornings count

Starting your day out right will lay the groundwork for you to be healthier all day long. So wake up early and take time to read the news or meditate as you’re getting ready for the day. Also, start the day out with a hearty, healthy breakfast. Eating a high-protein breakfast every morning is the single most important factor to jump starting your body for the day and helping you lose weight.

3. Sip on digestion-promoting drinks

Your digestive system is the core of your body, so take steps to cleanse and prep your system to take in the good stuff and let go of the bad. Choose beverages like ginger tea or hot water with lemon because both will clear out your intestines, banish nausea, and make your stomach happy.

4. Go for the good foods

What you take into your body directly impacts how you feel and how your body performs. Avoid refined sugars and seek out whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean poultry and fish, and lots of fiber like raw almonds and bran.

5. Choose healthy snacks

You’ve probably been told that snacking is the enemy, but if you’re really trying to balance your eating habits, eating smaller portions more frequently during the day is the way to go. The key is to pick snacks that will help your body instead of hurt it. Pack healthy choices like Greek yogurt, bananas, chopped vegetables, or raw nuts to keep your appetite balanced and your metabolism cycling throughout the day.

6. Unplug and get moving

What you eat and drink isn’t the only thing that contributes to how your body feels. How many hours a day are you spending on mindless entertainment? How often are you slumped on the couch or your office chair staring at a screen? If you’re really serious about improving your health, take some advice and unplug from technology. Replace those two hours of TV and internet surfing with a physical outdoor activity or an invigorating social event. Cleansing your mental palate with nature and friendship is exactly what you need.

7. Drink, drink, drink

Nothing will clean and refresh your system like good old-fashioned water. Start your day out with a glass of water and drink continuously throughout the day rather than slamming down two glasses in the evening. Drinking a glass of water before each meal will also help your metabolism know exactly how hungry you are and help you eat only as much as you need.

Resetting your system is just the thing to try if you’ve struggled to lose the weight in the past. It’s like pushing the reboot button and can help your body to better respond to the lifestyle changes you are making.

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