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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

15 Things That Irritate Everyone Who Goes To The Gym


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Going to the gym regularly is a great way to get in shape or stay healthy. However, after using the gym regularly for a while, mild annoyances can become extremely irritating. Gym regulars begin to notice how often certain common annoying events happen.

Here are 15 things likely to irritate even the most reasonable of people:

1. Listening to music too loudly

It’s hard to work out when you can hear someone’s music through their headphones, and the one person who always insists on blaring music from a phone’s inferior speakers is even worse.

2. Sweaty machines

There’s nothing worse than touching a machine and realizing you are now coated in a layer of someone else’s sweat.

3. Talkative people

A quick greeting is fine, but it’s tricky to focus on breathing and working out when someone is standing next to you chattering.

4. Reserving equipment

It’s one thing to drape your towel over a machine while you go to grab a sip of water, but the people who reserve a machine they won’t use for another half hour are very annoying.

5. Weird outfits

The gym isn’t the best place for revealing, tight, or awkward outfits. Sometimes, they’re even against the gym’s dress code.

6. Solicitations from personal trainers

Whether it’s one of the gym’s professional trainers or just some guy who wants to start a training business, unsolicited advice is rarely welcome.

7. Grunting

People who loudly grunt so that others will notice their heavy weight lifting are both distracting and annoying.

8. Leaving a mess

Finding the dumbbells scattered around randomly instead of put back in the right order is the worst.

9. Pick-up “artists”

The gym isn’t a place for meeting singles; it’s just uncomfortable when a person won’t take no for an answer.

10. Machine thieves

Having a person hop onto your machine while you are trying to add a few extra weights is somehow both annoying and awkward.

11. People who hog weights

Keeping all of the weights and not letting other people use them is pointless, and it can really slow down other people’s workouts.

12. Talking on the phone

No one wants to hear all of the loud details of someone’s personal conversation, especially during a busy spin class.

13. Improper use of equipment

Not being able to squat because someone is busy doing curls in the squat rack is just a waste of time.

14. Squeaky machines

If you go to the gym at a busy time, you might be very frustrated to get stuck with that one squeaky machine your gym never bothers to fix.

15. People with no concept of personal space

When you are working out alone in an empty gym, and a person always picks the machine right next to you, it definitely gets really weird.


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