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TrueScience® Perfecting Lotion

With our Perfecting Lotion, you won’t have to lie about your age anymore. Your skin will do it for you. Get more brilliant, hydrated, and even skin tones in just four weeks with a groundbreaking formula.

Perfecting Lotion
3.38 f.l oz. (100mL)
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

What's Inside?

  • Icon Turmeric Root
    Turmeric Root

    Protects against cellular stress and reduces the effects that lead to visible premature aging. It is a super antioxidant that helps reduce skin irritation and protects skin from environmental aggressors by fighting free radicals. †

  • Icon Bacopa
    Bacopa Monnieri Extract

    Helps enhance the skin’s natural processes. †

  • Icon Milk Thistle
    Milk Thistle Extract

    Contains silymarin and silibinin that have been shown to have skin protective properties against environmental threats in the epidermis. †

  • Icon Green Tea Extract
    Green Tea

    Creates an excellent antioxidant defense against externally induced free radicals all while soothing damaged skin. †

  • Icon Brassica Family
    Brassica Family

    Extracts from these plants enhance the Nrf2 technology already present in the products to help protect against cellular stress. It contains isothiocyanates which help protect against cellular stress in skin caused by environmental aggressors. †

  • Icon Black Pepper Seed Extract
    Black Pepper Seed Extract

    Piper Nigrum helps reduce discolorations and evens skin tone. †

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