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LifeVantage® D3+

Build a strong and healthy foundation with vitamin D and other necessary nutrients that support a healthy immune system, bone strength, and muscle function. *

60 tablets
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No-Hassle Subscriptions

No-Hassle Subscriptions

A Daily Dose of Sunshine

A strong, healthy body helps you keep doing what you love. Get key micronutrients with a unique multi-nutrient blend and benefits that pack the punch of two products in one. LifeVantage D3+ does more than simply supplement you with vitamin D. It also provides menaquinone 7 (vitamin K2), magnesium, and calcium. Together, these nutrients can support bone strength, immune and muscle and nerve health. With added silicon, it can deliver complete support for calcium absorption. Most people need more of these key nutrients, which are essential for supporting the activation of hundreds of processes within the body. Don’t let a lack of key nutrients be the weak link in your active life. Keep your body and mind healthy and activate your inner strength with LifeVantage D3+.

    • Maintains general health and wellbeing
    • Supports bone health
    • Maintains bone strength
    • Helps support bone mineralization
    • Supports immune system health and function
    • Maintains muscle function
    • Supports a healthy neuromuscular system
    • Multiple sources of calcium and magnesium to support optimal absorption so your body can use the forms it needs most. *
    • Delivers trace minerals often overlooked in other products like silicon.
  • Directions for Use

    Take 2 tablets once daily, with water, after a meal.


    Vitamins and minerals can only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate. Do not use if breastfeeding, pregnant or likely to become pregnant. Do not use if tamper-evident seal is torn or missing.


What's Inside?

  • Menaquinone 7 (vitamin K2)

    Essential nutrient for ensuring calcium is properly absorbed into bones, where it’s needed. *

  • Magnesium icon

    A critical cofactor in hundreds of processes in the body, including muscle contraction and relaxation. *

  • Calcium

    Supports bone mineralization and normal calcium signaling throughout the body for healthy muscle contractions. *

  • Equisetum arvense Extract (commonly known as Horsetail Extract)

    A plant-based source of silicon also known as "shave grass," is an essential mineral that supports proper calcium absorption for bone health. *

Label Info

Serving Size
2 Tablets
Servings Per Container
Amount Per Serving Amount DV% **
Colecalciferol 10 mcg
Calcium ascorbate dihydrate 26.6 mg
Equivalent to Calcium 2.5 mg
Calcium carbonate 318 mg
Equivalent to Calcium 128 mg
Equisetum arvense extract dry concentrate 5 mg
From dry herb 50 mg
Magnesium chloride hexahydrate 21 mg
Equivalent to Magnesium 2.5 mg
Magnesium oxide 120 mg
Equivalent to Magnesium 72.5 mg
Menaquinone 7 22.5 mcg
Inactive Ingredients

Microcrystalline Cellulose, Croscarmellose Sodium, Magnesium Stearate, Acacia, Stearic Acid, Hypromellose, Modified Food Starch, Hyprolose, Macrogol 8000, Stearic Acid, Sucrose, Coconut Oil, Sodium Ascorbate, Medium Chain Triglycerides, DL-alpha-Tocopherol, Silicon Dioxide, Maltodextrin.

*Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

A Daily Dose of Sunshine


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