Mr. Robinson brings more than 25 years of health care management experience as he leads LifeVantage Corporation as President and CEO. He is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in the health care industry. He served on the Board of Directors for LifeVantage for nearly a year and a half prior to joining the corporate management team.

Mr. Robinson is focused on the measured, accountable growth and maturity of LifeVantage. LifeVantage has an incredible opportunity to help people throughout the world live healthier and more productive lives. Mr. Robinson and his management team are honored to accept that challenge.

Mr. Robinson holds a B.A. degree in Marketing/Public Relations and Speech Communications from Gonzaga University, Spokane, Wash., where he also continues to guest lecture on health care economics to the undergraduate and graduate schools.

ROBERT M. URBAN Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Urban oversees strategic global and product expansion, manufacturing, procurement, corporate infrastructure and associated efficiencies to support the continued growth of LifeVantage. He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Business Administration from Gonzaga University, and he earned his Executive Master's in Business Administration from the University of Washington. Mr. Urban has been married to his wife, Polly, for 28 years, and they enjoy spending time with their two teenage sons traveling, golfing, skiing, hiking, biking, backpacking and fly fishing.

DAVID S. COLBERT Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Colbert is responsible for LifeVantage financial operations around the world, ensuring the company is fiscally responsible and well positioned for the future. He received a B.B.A. in Finance and Marketing from the University of Iowa and a Master's of Business Administration from Emory University. Mr. Colbert is passionate about fly fishing and spending time in the Utah outdoors. He has been married to his wife, Pam, for 20 years, and they have two children.

DAVE PHELPS Chief Sales Officer

Mr. Phelps brings broad domestic and international network marketing experience to LifeVantage. He has extensive involvement in North America, Europe, Latin America, and nearly every major market in Asia. Mr. Phelps has worked with an impressive array of companies where his senior executive assignments have included significant roles in sales, marketing, international expansion, business development, training and nearly every facet of distributor development. His network marketing philosophy is that LifeVantage Distributors are the Company’s most important assets and their leadership development is the heart of their network marketing success. Mr. Phelps received his Juris Doctorate from Brigham Young University.

Mr. Phelps and his wife Mary have five children and seven grandchildren. When Mr. Phelps has time away from traveling and developing lifelong relationships with distributors, his hobbies also include Brazilian jujitsu, mixed martial arts, urban cycling, mountain biking, and experiencing foreign cultures which include learning additional languages and enjoying ethnic foods.

SHAWN TALBOTT, PH.D. Chief Science Officer

Dr. Talbott is the recipient of a dozen competitive research awards and has published over 200 articles and 10 books on nutrition, health and fitness. He holds a Diploma in Sports Nutrition from the International Olympic Committee and has served as a nutrition consultant and educator for elite-level athletes in a variety of sports, including professional triathletes, members of the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association, the United States Ski and Snowboard Association during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, the Performance Enhancement Team for the United States Track and Field Association, and the United States Olympic Training Centers. Dr. Talbott received his M.S. in Exercise Science from University of Massachusetts and his Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry from Rutgers University. He has completed the Entrepreneurial Master's Program from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is a Fellow of both the American College of Sports Medicine and the American College of Nutrition.

Dr. Talbott’s scientific background in nutrition and product development help further his mission for LifeVantage of bringing the next phase of natural products for helping people to perform at their peak mental and physical potential. Shawn and his wife Julie have two children and two field spaniels. He loves to ski and is an avid competitor in triathlons, (including 16 Ironmans) and ultra-marathons (50-100 miles).

Rob Cutler General Counsel

Mr. Cutler provides support to all LifeVantage departments related to its ongoing growth and expansion and is also responsible for LifeVantage legal and risk management matters worldwide. He received a B.A. in Finance from the University of Utah and a Juris Doctorate from Brigham Young University. Mr. Cutler speaks Korean, is married to his wife, Becki, and they enjoy spending time outdoors with their five children.

JEFFERY R. BEAN Managing Director Japan

Mr. Bean has more than 15 years of international business development experience in direct sales, market research, new market launches and international management. He has been involved in country launches in Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa. Prior to his leadership positions in multiple direct sales organizations, Mr. Bean was a distributor for more than 5 years, which gives him an in depth knowledge and understanding of the goals and directives necessary to help our distributors progress with their businesses.
Mr. Bean speaks English and Japanese fluently, and is based out of the LifeVantage Tokyo office where he is responsible for the day-to-day operations and sales and marketing activities. He has lived and worked in many countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the U.S. and Japan, with his favorite being Japan and the U.S. He received a B.A. in Design and Industrial Design from Brigham Young University. Jeff is an avid long distance bicyclist and has participated in multiple century bike rides. He and his wife Denise have six children and two grandchildren.

RYAN THOMPSON Sr. Vice President of Sales

Mr. Thompson provides leadership and direction on all LifeVantage global sales and growth strategies. He oversees distributor training and development programs and has spent close to two decades in the network marketing industry both on the distributor and corporate side. He has lived and worked in Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia. He received a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Spanish from Brigham Young University and is a member of the Society of Competitive Intelligent Professionals. Mr. Thompson is married and is passionate about playing sports and spending time with his three children in the outdoors.

MICHELLE OBORN Vice President of Human Resources

Ms. Oborn directs employee compensation and benefits, as well as corporate recruiting efforts and new hires around the world. She received a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Utah, interned at the Supreme Court of the United States and received the Rocco C. Siciliano award and is SPHR-credentialed with the Society of Human Resources. Ms. Oborn is an avid runner and enjoys baking and cooking.

ERIC MARCHANT Vice President of Compliance

Mr. Marchant ensures that distributors, corporate executives and staff are in compliance with LifeVantage policies and procedures. He double-majored in Political Science and Spanish and received a B.A. degree from Southern Utah University and a Juris Doctorate from Brigham Young University. He enjoys college football, reading and personality typing as a hobby. Mr. Marchant has been married to his wife, Marie, for 39 years, and they enjoy traveling and spending family time with their five children.