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2014 Incentive Trip Qualifiers!

13101405.01_May Incentive Banners_LVN Media BannerCongratulations to all those who qualified for the 2014 Incentive Trip to the Hard Rock Riviera Maya.  They’ll be kicking back on the sunny beaches of Mexico for six days and five nights of all-inclusive luxury.

Here are the qualifiers:

1863909 Ontario Inc.
Acupuncture & Chiropractic Clinic of Iowa
Beth Hoopes
Betty Henning
Bryon Hemphill
Carmen Cervantes
Dr. Hermie Villar
Fred and Beck Davis
Frederick Loar
Gage Bartholomew
George Lay
Global NutriDynamics
Ilia Angelica Hernandez Cha
Jane Wang
Jeff Lundgren
Joseph Staugaard
KDT Optometry
Laryssa Brend
Lilia Silva
Maria Martinez
Monica Duchemin
Nhat Hoang
Nini Truong
Rihui Deng
RuthAnn Nettleton
Scott Fossen
Sheri Hollenback
Sonia Ponce
Steve Cowan
Super Group Stars II Inc
Suzanne Rasmussen
Tina Johnson
Wholistic Wellness Clinic PC

Click here for all the details on the Incentive Trip

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